Solid bronze bushing with graphite lubricating bearing

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Solid bronze bushing with graphite lubricating bearing

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Plain bearing construction and materials
First, the FU iron bushing-powder sintered bushing
1. Integral plain bearings
Integral sliding bearing structure as shown, by the bearing 1 and bearing bushings 2, bearing the upper part of the oil hole, the overall bushing with oil groove, respectively, for oil and oil, lubrication. This bearing structure is simple, inexpensive, but the axis of the assembly and disassembly is not convenient, wear the radial clearance of the bearing can not be adjusted. Used for light-load low-speed or intermittent work occasions.
2. Sliding plain bearings
Split sliding bearing structure as shown, by the bearing seat, bearing cover, split bearings, stud and gasket composition. The bearing seat and the bearing cover are joined in a stepped shape for alignment purposes. A spacer is placed here to adjust the radial clearance of the bearing after wear. It is easy assembly and disassembly, widely used.
3. Self-aligning bearings
Structure As shown in the figure, the outer surface of the bearing pad is made into a spherical shape, which is in contact with the spherical inner surface of the bearing seat hole, and can automatically adapt to the deflection of the shaft in bending, thereby reducing the local wear. Applicable to bearing bearing between the larger span or longer journal of the occasion.
Second, the thrust sliding bearings
Filled and Modified Fluoroplastic Series structure as shown, can be divided into three forms:
Solid thrust plain bearings, journal end face of the central pressure than the edge of the large, difficult to enter the lubricating oil, lubrication conditions are poor.
Hollow thrust sliding bearings, bearing the end of the hollow part of the oil, the pressure is relatively uniform, carrying capacity is not.
Multi-ring thrust sliding bearings, the pressure is more uniform, can withstand greater load. But the rings carry a range, the number of rings can not be too much.
Third, bearing materials
The main failure modes of plain bearings: wear and gluing, fatigue failure and so on
1. Therefore, the requirements of bearing materials:
The main bearing failure is to consider these forms of bearing material requirements are as follows,
(1) sufficient tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact capacity;
(2) good friction reduction, abrasion resistance and anti-bonding;
(3) good compliance, embedded and run-in;
(4) Good corrosion resistance, thermo-chemical properties (heat transfer and thermal expansion), and slipperiness (ability to adsorb oil)
(5) good plasticity. With the ability to adapt to shaft bending deformation and other geometric errors.
(6) good technology and economy and so on.
The bearing pad can be made of a material, or a metal lining can be cast on the inner surface of the pad.solid bronze bushing with graphite lubricating, Bearing lining.
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