Rainbow Six Siege Rewards The Imaginative

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Rainbow Six Siege Rewards The Imaginative

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Rainbow Six Siege Items will also be several general quality-of-life progress. Among the biggest changes for gamers of all ability levels is operator picks will work: Recruit is the default option. Rather, a random operator from those the participant therefore are available for selection and has unlocked, will be picked. Because Recruit is not regarded as a character of the time this is helpful. However, they will still be an alternative for devoted Recruit players who prefer to make use of their gadget and equipment pool.


In a move that anyone who has ever played an internet game ever can appreciate, players can mute the enemy group and both teammates individually on both voice and text chat. This is part of Ubisoft's continued efforts to reduce toxicity after the automatic bans from the game for using offensive speech being introduced in July. Siege is notorious for its poisonous minority and this continued push.'Rainbow Six Siege' Leak Hints at Halloween Event

Ubisoft's newest Rainbow Six Siege patch appears to have leaked news of an upcoming Halloween event featuring Operator skins along with a themed map.

Rainbow Six Siege's brand new patch rolled out days ago and was a smaller one with some general bugfixes included alongside harsher teamkilling penalties, but at least one participant discovered that a Halloween teaser seemed to have inadvertently squeezed through the upgrade. Redditor shared a post on the Rainbow 6 subreddit that revealed a screenshot of the main menu of their game.

While imagining seems to be from location across the menu as a whole, a small popup at the corner that alerted the participant of a special occasion stated that there was now a Multiplayer Casual playlist with a map known as"Play House." Players were quick to point out that this looks to be hinting in a Halloween-themed version of the map House with orange lights and ghostly figures included in the popup.

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