Winter has finally passed, and spring has

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Winter has finally passed, and spring has

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Winter has finally passed, and spring has finally arrived. At this spring time, our school is ready to organize the fifth and sixth grades to go on a spring tour. was very excited on the spring tour. There are a lot of foods, such as: dry noodles, sausages, bread, chocolate, sweets... We came to Huludao by car and went to a spring-filled garden.walked through the single-wood bridge first. The bridge was narrow and only about 7 cm wide. Underneath the bridge was a crystal clear river. The teacher has been warning everyone: "Be careful, be optimistic, don't be crowded, be careful to fall." At this moment, a little girl in the fifth grade fell into the river, and several people hurriedly pulled her onto the wooden bridge. The water in the creek flows to the distance with a smile. After crossing the wooden bridge Parliament Cigarettes, the teachers looked at the girl. It turned out that the shoes were wet. She changed her shoes and we moved on.aving the wooden bridge, we came to the rockery. The teacher said: "There is a rockery here. Interested students can climb from the rockery to the other side. If you don't want to climb over, you will go over the path from there." The students are very interested and climbed the rockery one after another. . Even a few girls with very small lists have boldly climbed the rockery. The small road over there is uninhabited. Climbing over the rockery, we continued on the road.r walking for a while, I came to a flower world Newport Cigarettes Coupons. There are many kinds of flowers here, such as: lilac, jasmine, rose, azalea... I just wanted to take one, and my friend stopped me from saying, "If no one picks a flower, it will not last long. There are very few flowers." After listening to my friends, I lowered my head in shame. a while, we are reluctant to wave and say goodbye to the flowers. came to a meadow and the teacher said to us: "Students, rest for an hour now, don't go far!" The teacher finished, we are like a bird regaining freedom and rushing to the distance. I came to a quiet place with a few friends. We opened the bag and took out the picnic cloth on the grass. They also took out the food they brought, and the variety of foods that were filled on the picnic cloth Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, and some people brought toothpicks. It��s rare that she thinks so well! We ate for a while, lying on the soft grass and looking at the blue sky. I started talking Marlboro Red 100S. I said: "Everyone said that the sky is so beautiful Carton Of Newports. If you want to live in the sky, would everyone be happy?" Everyone disagreed, and they were roughly divided into two categories. One type feels that life is good in the sky; one type feels that living in the sky is not good. Some people pre-emptively said: "If we live in the sky, we don't want to be a fairy." Someone retorted: "But now the atmosphere has been destroyed. Even if you live in the sky, it is better than here!" I smiled and said: "It's better to set up an environmental team! Advise others not to damage the environment, do you say good?" Everyone agreed. After a while, an hour passed. We are on the road again...this spring tour, we understand the truth that the environment needs people to protect; it does not need to be destroyed. Everyone must protect the environment!
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