2013 is coming, erase the tears, smil

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2013 is coming, erase the tears, smil

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2013 is coming, erase the tears, smile and greet the new one! ! Forget the reason for sadness and tell yourself the happy answer `(*��_��*)'anding on the top of the building, shouting "Never see!!" Sitting on the balcony and counting the stars is like counting people! ! Tell yourself that there are still many people who care about me! !get those who have hurt me Marlboro Red 100S, they are just strangers in the new life Parliament Cigarettes. Repeatedly remember those who care about me, those are what I know. Tell yourself to cherish! !k you, 2013, I am really thankful to you Carton Of Cigarettes, thank you I am coming! ! One day in the physical education class Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I was about to go to class. Everyone was waiting in line for the teacher. Only Mark was talking to the classmates. The teacher came, the fat man was still talking loudly. Everyone waited for the teacher to criticize him. Who knows, he actually faced a teacher with a super ugly poss and threw a wink at the teacher and said, "Teacher, are you? Also fascinated by my eyebrows?" The Friday, the next "Aunt" said boringly: "Let's make a selection to see who is handsome Cigarette Tobacco For Sale." Marco jumped out of his seat and said, "Of course it is me, is it?" Is there anyone in the world who is better than me?" He turned and said to me: "You are so lucky, there is actually a match over Jay Chou, not letting Lin Junjie's table." After that, he talked to himself. Road: "Hey! I am so handsome, the word 'handsome guy' is created for me, I don't know how many girls are fascinated by me." I can't help but spit. Huh? How is she? The white hair and the neat hair, the god's "blinking", dry lips, and black skin and dead hands.hough there was a long queue in front of was a Friday, just after school, I flew out of the cage and the birds ran to a sweet potato stand and picked up a large sweet potato to pay. "1 block 3" An old and hopeful voice rang from my ear, I bargained: "Can't you get rounded up?" "If the people who sell sweet potatoes here are rounded off, don't I lose?" The stalls can also , who told me that she only has a sweet potato stand here? I won��t buy it later." I want this sweet potato to mutter.today, actually met her again, what is even more unexpected is that she stood next to the donation box and trembled into a piece of loose banknotes.
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