The time when I was a child, it

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The time when I was a child, it

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The time when I was a child, it was also a time that I could not forget. I remembered that time, I had a fever, and the process of fever was too long for me to forget.ce I got up in the morning, when I finished my breakfast and went to school, I suddenly felt that the whole person had no strength at all Marlboro Menthol 100S. When I walked, I bumped into the east and almost hit the pole. I touched my forehead and burned like water boiled. I am like a leaking balloon. Seeing things is also school, I rushed home, drank a glass of ice water, and I was lying on the bed. I didn��t want to move. I felt my head hurt more. I fell asleep unconsciously. After half an hour, I was Going to eat, my mother touched my forehead, hot, I gave it to me with a thermometer - 37. 3 degrees, a fever!other poured a glass of boiling water for me to drink. When I finished drinking, I took me to the hospital. In the car, my mother took a towel, dipped in water, and wiped the sweat from my head all over again.en I arrived at the hospital, I felt my head dizzy and I felt the whole world was spinning.he hospital, the doctor prescribed a few drugs to ask me to go home to drink, my mother took a long time to pick up, the e end of the night, I still didn't retire, and my father took me to the hospital for a drip. the needle was just stuck, the blood flowed out. I was very scared. Dad hugged my head and said that I don't have to be afraid. It will be all right. I took the courage, the nurse carefully pulled out the needle in my hand, this time finally got itr the care of my father and mother, my illness is finally good. Mom and Dad��s love for me will always make me hard to forget. This is the love that my father and mother have for me. Sitting on the bus, I can��t help but remember the love around me.member that time, I was in the cold wind, braved the heavy rain, and went to the station with difficulty. Hey! It��s really a matter of time. When I came to the station, I came to a car.oon as I sneaked into the empty carriage, my heart secretly hid: "There are so few people, it's great!" I sat quietly in the chair, pulling the zipper and looking for the fare. But this money seems to be deliberately against me, and I can't find it Marlboro Red. I am anxious like an ant on a hot pot Carton Of Newports. I turned the bag over to the sky, but I couldn��t see it. I was so anxious that I was crying out. "What can I do? The driver��s uncle will drive me out of the car. How shameful!" I looked helplessly out the window, and the raindrops of the beans frantically hit the window. The cold wind bent the small tree and blew the people's hats. when I was at a loss, my uncle sitting beside me patted my shoulder and smiled and said to me, "Child, your money is gone." I bent down to pick up the dollar and looked up at my uncle Cigarettes Online. Calm eyes, try to remember. Just now my uncle seemed to put his hand in his pocket, and then took it out... It turned out that his uncle was helping me. I am grateful to see my uncle. Uncle's face still has a smile. I understood the uncle's intention to put the dollar into the slot machine. But the uncle got off the bus. I have not come yet and thank him Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping.
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