ther often said that

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ther often said that

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Mother often said that there are two treasures in our family, I am a little baby, my father is a big baby. The reason why my mother said that Dad is a big baby is because Dad is very playful and is a little child. has a pair of big eyes with a god, a nose that is not too small but has a very sensitive sense of smell. A three-mouth can eat a big mouth of a hoe. Although his father is only in his thirties, he has already had black short hair. Some white hair. I remembered the handsome look of my father��s photo when I was young Cigarettes Sales. I really feel that ��the age is urging people to be old��.ad is a strict father in my eyes.ce, my mother and I were in a whim, going to the bus that my father had opened, and Dad readily agreed. But when we got on the bus, my mother didn't buy a ticket, and I found a seat in a big way, and sat down if nothing happened. Dad said; "Yuan Yuan, come over to buy a ticket." I looked at my mother, my mother looked at me, and my mother reluctantly bought a ticket. the evening, my father came home from work. My mother also had a fight with my father for this. I only listened to my father and said, "Whenever you are on the bus, no matter who you are, you should buy tickets according to the regulations Buy Wholesale Cigarettes. The driver��s family should take the initiative to buy tickets. Everyone is not in a mess like you? You are eager to buy tickets for me!" Dad��s words made me and my mother shyly bowed their heads.d is not only my role model, but also my day, my mother bought me a set of "baby magnetic sticks". I was playing with it. Dad ran over and said with a smile: "Baby, let Dad play for a while, I will give you two dollars to buy ice cream Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. "I reached out and rubbed my head and said, "Yes, take the money Free Carton Of Newports." After a while, I came back with the ice cream and looked at my magnetic rod Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, I was amazed! Mom, Dad put my magnetic rod into a pistol! Still shooting at me! I hugged my father and said proudly: "Dad, you are too cow! I really admire you! You are a big baby!"oday, "Big Baby" went to work, I am looking forward to him going home early, maybe there is another funny story happening today!
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