Runescape wants to have the players involved

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Runescape wants to have the players involved

Berichtdoor CnGrace » 10 Nov 2015 07:51

As your title says, design a quest compensate to win Cheap RS 3 Gold membership right this moment. As Jagex said, it will be your 15th year for rs gold in relation to 2016. So in get together, Andrew and Paul Gower are going to be returning as guest makers and executive producers for the new quest.
What's additional, runescape wants to receive the players involved with your rewards. They want you to design one of several quest's rewards. The quest reward must be celebration-themed, to commemorate 15 remarkable years of Runescape, and can be anything. A dress-up costume, a pet, a system, animation, your imagination will be the only limit.
The competition is open prior to the 30th of November, and five finalists will be selected to pass through to a player poll. For the people less artistically inclined, have zero fear- all finalist entries are going to be sketched by Jagex strategy artists. Each of your five finalists will get 15 months of membership rights, as well as a signed copy with their idea's sketch.
The winner will have their idea in the quest, as well while lifetime membership, a signed copy with their sketch and a scuplture with their player character. How for you to enter? Head to the runescape forum and locate the link to competition with your idea, and any imagery you will need to support your idea.
In addition, feel free to talk about your entries on Facebook, Facebook or Instagram with all the hashtag #GowerQuestReward#. The runescape judges will certainly select 5 finalists following competition has been shut down. These finalists will get their concept arts drawn up good descriptions given in his or her entry.
After being concepted, the finalists will be put to an in-game player poll to discover the winner. Finalists and winners are going to be contacted by their in-agem communication centre. Time to share your current imaginations with us and there isn't a limitation. Anything is probable, everyone is gonna get. So don't be afraid to attempt, you can be normally the one. cnjojo666
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Re: Runescape wants to have the players involved

Berichtdoor mariadell » 05 Jul 2017 11:11

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Berichtdoor AllysonMn » 23 Jul 2017 09:04

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