Whether you care about it or not, the golden

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Whether you care about it or not, the golden

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Whether you care about it or not, the golden figure will always shine in the night sky - the night is so quiet Cigarettes Cheaper, only to hear a few birdsong.moon, no wind, but it is in this night, the cold star is still shining in the sky. Darkness and mystery hang over the earth, and only the cold stars of the horizon are tirelessly recording the minutes and seconds that have passed away. Whether or not anyone cares, whether or not anyone appreciates it, it always shines like this. The cold star is beautiful, jumping like a note, just emitting a bright blink of an eye and disappearing into the clouds. After a while, I don��t know where to jump from. Why is the cold star hidden? Where did you go now? No one knows the answer. Looking up, the cold star is like a diamond embedded in black velvet, so beautiful. After a while, the cold star was quiet, not blinking, not jumping, it looked so serene, so quiet. A little bit of starlight is warm, innocent and exciting. The cold star is the brooch of the night sky, with the most special beauty. The deserted night became poetic under the glimmer of the cold star. At two o'clock in the morning, the street lights and street lights are off. Only the cold stars in the night sky are shining; the insects are not called, the birds don't sing, people are sleeping all the time, and only the cold stars are shining in the sky. If the sun is the pride of the sky and the moon is the goddess of the night, then I think that the cold star is the guardian of the night sky, guarding the quietness and peace of the night sky, waiting for the arrival of light. Quietly and quietly, looking at the cold stars in the night sky is very pleasant Carton Of Newports, and enjoy the dark clouds in my heart.e original starlight of the cold star is still a good medicine for the soul. The world sings the warmth of the sun, admire the beauty of the moon, but never pays attention to this little star Wholesale Cigarettes. But the cold star won't care, and every night it will guard this silent night sky. Cold star, you are the most beautiful guardian in the night sky. Ideal is the beacon of life navigation, ideal is the light of hope in life. Everyone has an ideal in his heart, and my ideal is to be a writer. She, Zhao Lihong, Ji Yulin, and Leo Tolstoy are famous literary writers in the literary world. They have written articles and won many awards in the literary world. Although most people have left the world, But their articles are still loved by people. My ideal is to be a writer, and I am not for anything else, just for my article to be loved.order to realize my ideal as a writer, I will write a good composition. But I have been wondering why other writers can write so well? Is it so profound? I have been looking for the source of the problem Newport Cigarettes, because the composition I write is sometimes unsightly. I have summarized the following points: 1. I don't insist on keeping a diary every day. 2. I have not read a lot of extracurricular books. 3, reading extracurricular books is sometimes sloppy, and did not absorb the essence. Maybe these three points lead to my poor composition. So, from now on, I have to read a lot of extracurricular books. I have to read a lot of famous books, record beautiful places, write notes, and understand my heart, because this will make my composition slowly write well. Get up, write more vividly, and write more spiritually. In addition, keeping a diary every day is also the key to writing. As long as I have done this, I am taking a bigger step from the ideal. order to realize this ideal, I will study hard, so I have to read extracurricular books Marlboro Cigarettes Online, keep a diary, and take a bigger step toward my ideals!
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